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Maintenance Free

About 45 kg/100lb per fork element.

Each fork uses an independent weigh element.
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Class II  2,500kg x 1kg 
(5,500lb x 2lb)

Class III 4,500kg x 2kg
(10,000lb x 5lb)

Class IV 9,000kg x 5kg
(20,000lb x  10lb)

The First Rugged and Accurate Forklift Weighing System
designed to excel in harsh and demanding environments!
The patented linkage offers maximum flexibility, producing accuracy within +/- 0.1% of weighing capacity. (Video 1) (Video 2)

The scale components are able to withstand head-on impact of more than 10X weighing capacity. (Video 1) (Video 2)

To install and remove a scale element is as simple as to install and remove a standard fork. (Video)
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Introducing the All New SEKO Forklift Scale!
Patented Technology

SEKO Forklift Scale is a complete technology breakthrough surpassing the conventional forklift scale which uses a flexure method to connect the movable load carrying forks to the fixed carriage. Such flexure technology has obvious limitations in terms of performance and robustness, especially when dealing with strong impacts in tough warehouse conditions.

Our patented SEKO Forklift Scale replaces the flexure device with solid mechanical linkage in conjunction with the best friction reducer, cylindrical roller bearing, which results in a very strong joint with great flexibility. Such outstanding design ensures real product toughness and excellent precision for load measurements.

SEKO Forklift Scale is fabricated with high precision machining such that all fixture joints are superbly tight with no room for dislocation. There is no requirement for any unnecessary maintenance even after events of severe impacts.

Table shows comparison between Conventional and SEKO Forklift Scale:

Conventional ScalesSEKO Forklift Scale
1. Type of linkageBy flexuresSolid mechanical linkage accompanied with ever lasting cylindrical roller bearings
2. Method of fasteningBy bolts; resulting in clearances between bolts and holesFabricated high precision machining to ensure all fixture joints superbly tight and strong
3. Effect of severe impactsNot recommended
Tested; capable to withstand impact force minimum 10 times of weighing load
4. Weight variation when loads are placed on different locations of the forkFrequent adjustments required to upkeep accuracyNo adjustment required; consistent single accurate reading for load placed in the front, rear or anywhere on the fork
5. Weight of apparatus
  • Carriage class II (16”) Capacity: 2,500 kg
  • Carriage class III (20”) Capacity: 4,500 kg
  • App. 200 kg

  • App. 400 kg
  • App. 90 kg/pair

  • App. 100 kg/pair

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Wireless Installation for Cable-Free Operation!

The carriage and forks are free to travel without wire and cable connection to power or display.

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